Shuttering Plywood





Dhaari International offer a high quality Shuttering IS : 4990.

It is a multi functional product, which can be used in construction industry for buildings, bridges, heavy industry and structures etc. for use on walls, slabs, columns and beams etc.

Under BONDMIX Brand Shuttering Plywood, compression is about 60% more as compared to ordinary Film Face Shuttering plywood available in market. Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties. Its load bearing capacity is also enhanced due to extra compression. It is manufactured by selecting quality veneers impregnated with modified RPF resin for longer life and better performance in all applications. Impregnation of resin in veneers is more than 30% to the weight of veneers.

Extra impression leads to better ridges and long life holding properties. Its load bearing capacity is also enhanced due to extra compression.

Shuttering Plywood (IS: 4990) BONDMIX offers a high quality Film Face Densified

The surface of Shuttering plywood is over laid with 180 GSM Phenol Impregnated Film. The sides are released by acrylic paint to preserve moisture absorption and swelling.


THICKNESS : 12/18/19 MM


WEIGHT: 24kg+, 30kg+, 34kg+, 36kg+, 38kg+, 49kg+

We are specialized in shuttering plywood with high quality standard. Our product is bend free, no wrapping, no waviness, uniform and even plywood. It has a mirror finish surface.

BONDMIX Film Face Densified Shuttering Plywood is a product of high end uses. It is manufactured with high density timber Glued with BWP Grade Phenol formaldehyde resin and pressed in high densified hot press. It has extra strength than ordinary film face ply due to high pressure used for structurally strong and better bonding.

The film face shuttering plywood has coated glossy surface, which gives the product long life and great value in terms of reuse. This plywood withstands the corrosive action of cement, water & sunlight.

BONDMIX film faced densified ply is known for the maximum repetitions. User’s find it very useful and economical product according to their investments.

Special Features:

(1) Saves more cost due to more repetition.

(2) Provides smooth surface to concrete form work.

(3) Most effective in RCC construction.

(4) After used many times, it can be reused in paneling, roofing, flooring, partition etc.

Suggestions for users:

  • Cleaning and oiling is essential for increasing the life.

  • Use screws for fixing shuttering.

  • Store properly stacked under the shed.

  • Care for scratches while transportation.

  • Should be recoated with mould oil before the next use.

  • Edges of board in pack shall be vertical and in straight line.

Do not do:

  • Side nailing & screwing is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not use material without suitable mould oil.

  • Do not drag the plywood over one another as it will scratch the surface.

  • Do not allow the material vertically fell from the top

  • Do not allow the material to use without application of sealant at the cut ends.

  • Do not allow the material to stack without drying.